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14 Baby Boy Names That Are Also Places in the United States

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There are many places to find inspiration for baby boy names, but what about your favorite places in the United States?

I’m always seeing posts from parents looking for baby boy names that aren’t weird, but also aren’t being overused. For whatever reason, it seems to be more difficult to find a boy name to fit those criteria than a girl name.

This had me thinking: what are some other places to look for a boy name?

This list of 14 baby boy names is from cities and regions all over the US. Each name and region is completely different from the next, making each name unique and unusual. Naming your baby after one of your favorite places can be a great story, and a great way to honor different memories you may have!

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Looking for unique and uncommon baby boy names? Check out this list of 14 baby boy names inspired by cities and regions in the United States of America! You’re sure to find a strong boy name you like among this list – it’s a different way to give your baby’s name meaning! #babynames #babyboynames

Places in the United States that are also great baby boy names

Austin – A vibrant city in Texas, known as the Live Music Capital of the World

Boston – A city in Massachusetts known for it’s historical significance

Camden – Located on the Delaware River in New Jersey

Dayton – The birthplace of Orville Wright and known for aviation, Dayton is a city in Ohio

Denver – Known as the Mile High City, Denver is known for it’s diversity, culture, and natural beauty amongst the mountains of Colorado

Eugene – Located in Oregon, Eugene is known for it’s several universities and parks

Hudson – A valley in New York around the Hudson River, just outside of New York City

Jackson – The most populous state in Mississippi

Macon – Known as Georgia’s “Music City”

Orlando – A popular tourist destination in Florida, known for Walt Disney World and Universal Studios

Phoenix – Located in Arizona, Phoenix is known for it’s sunny, warm weather.

Reno – Also known as the “Biggest Little City,” this city is located in Nevada

Trenton – The state capital of New Jersey, known for it’s extensive history. 

Warren – Located in Michigan, this city is located just north of Detroit.

Making this list was a ton of fun. I loved reading about different cities, and discovering new places across the US. It was much harder than I thought it would be to find names in US places!

My favorites from the list are Camden and Hudson. What are yours? Did I miss any big cities or regions??

Let me know in the comments below!

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