ultimate list of what to do with your kids all day

71 Activities to Do at Home with Kids

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We’ve fallen on some weird times, here! Many of us are stuck at home with our kids and are running out of ideas of ways to keep them entertained. In this post you’ll find the ultimate list of indoor activities for kids of all ages!

First of all, bored play is A-OK! If everyone is getting restless, don’t fear…your kids will not die of boredom (no matter how many times they say they will!)

But if you’re looking for a little inspiration, I’ve got you covered! There is something on here for kids of all ages! If something doesn’t interest you or your little, move on to the next item!

Being stuck at home can either be a wonderful or terrible thing. We’re busy bodies over here, and my 2.5 year old daughter has already told me 3 times today that she wants to go to the store! It’s going to be a long couple of weeks, so this list was made for us, too!

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The Ultimate List of Indoor Activities

  1. Make an obstacle course
  2. Play “the floor is lava!”
  3. Take a virtual tour of museum (check out this super cool post from Travel+Leisure!)
  4. Talk in funny voices
  5. Color 
  6. Watercolor painting
  7. Scavenger hunt
  8. Play I Spy
  9. Hide and seek
  10. Card games
  11. Play house
  12. Board games
  13. Dance party
  14. Freeze Dance
  15. Tag (also try the different versions of tag!)
  16. Try a new recipe (maybe these Chocolate Chunk Cake Mix Cookies would be a good start!)
  17. Finger paint (do it in the bath tub to keep it contained!)
  18. Make up a new recipe
  19. Write a song
  20. Read books
  21. Make a craft
  22. Watch a movie
  23. Make an at home “drive-in” or movie theater
  24. Take a bath
  25. Make a bowling alley using a ball and 2 liter bottles (or any kind of bottle would work!)
  26. Think of something you’re curious about. Do some research and give a fancy presentation!
  27. Play restaurant
  28. Have a spa day
  29. Play 20 questions
  30. Make up a handshake
  31. Paint
  32. Create a new dinosaur, dragon, or animal. Name it and create a habitat for it!
  33. Write and illustrate a book together
  34. Write a movie together (bonus points for filming it!)
  35. Using a phone or camera, come up with a surprising scenario and snap a pic of your faces when you think of how you’d react (i.e. “what face would you make if ducks started falling from the sky!”)
  36. Make up a play or skit
  37. See who can talk without using the letter “a” the longest (then try b, c, etc.)
  38. Color on the windows with washable markers
  39. Make a fort
  40. Make a zoo
  41. Play truth or dare
  42. Play grocery store
  43. Do a home workout video (or find one on YouTube)
  44. Have a pajama party
  45. Wear your clothes inside out 
  46. Use chalk in the garage (or on unfinished basement flooring)
  47. Make a racetrack for toy cars
  48. Have a race. See who can run, crawl, skip or jump the fastest
  49. Practice color sorting with crayons, toys, etc.
  50. Do flashcards
  51. Play charades
  52. Build a tower (use blocks, boxes, or anything else stackable!)
  53. Have a fashion show
  54. Play musical chairs
  55. Gather some small objects and play “does it sink or float”
  56. Blindfold your child and have them guess what you put in their hands using their other senses (alternatively, place a small object inside of a paper or drawstring bag and make them guess what it is!)
  57. Make a doll hospital
  58. Make a sensory bin
  59. Paint with water using q-tips and cotton balls
  60. Paint rocks 
  61. Search online for your dream house. Make it out of play doh, blocks, Legos, or on paper.
  62. Do some yoga, zumba, or another fun fitness activity (YouTube is great for this!)
  63. Listen to an audiobook
  64. Read a magazine
  65. Make a collage
  66. Scrapbook
  67. Make up a choreographed dance
  68. Do some face paint
  69. Make body “tattoos” 
  70. Make new outfits for dolls and toys using paper, fabric, napkins, or other common “fabrics”
  71. Hide their favorite toys and send them on a hunt to find them!

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Are there any major activities I missed? Or anything else you’ve tried to keep your kids busy indoors?

Let me know in the comments below — you just may help out another parent!

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